Nara Lokesh Shoulder InjuryNara Lokesh is on a historic Padayatra that is influencing TDP to a great extent. At first, YCP media argued that there aren’t enough crowds for the Yatra.

But the situation is completely different now and the Yatra is seeing massive crowds.

The crowds are so vast that Lokesh suffered a shoulder injury due to the impact of the fans and followers at the event.

People are flocking to Nara Lokesh’s padayatra day by day. So much so that his shoulders were hurt by the pressure of the crowd. However, he is not a fan of joining hands. He does not want an activist who comes asking for a selfie. He does not hesitate to greet those who wave his hand from afar, the statement from the TPD Twitter page read.

Lokesh is seen pulling through the pain and continuing the Yatra. This is kind of situations where leaders are made, TDP supporters say.