Hyderabad Rains, Hyderabad Rains Submerged Roads, Hyderabad Rains Flooded Roads,  Hyderabad Rains Drowned Roads, Hyderabad Rains Drowned VehiclesHeavy Rains lashed Hyderabad since the morning, bringing the entire city on its knees. The heavy downpour tormented people going to the offices on Wednesday morning. Roads are clogged with vehicles running into Kilometers of Traffic Jam. Several low lying areas are flooded with water. Several houses and vehicles are also being drowned in the water.

The water level in Hussainsagar got increased by four feet and reached danger level. In Ramanthapur, the death roll reached to seven as a wall and roof collapsed. The GHMC officials are evacuvating the old buildings in the city as a precautionary measure as MEt department predicts heavy rain for the next three days.

GHMC issued a special advisory to people not to come on roads unless something is really urgent. All the schools in the city limits declared holiday today. Private Cab Providers like Uber and Ola are looting people in the name of surge pricing as they are charging more five times more than the usual rates to take advantage of the situation.