Nara-Lokesh-Padayatra-Yuva-GalamNara Lokesh is set to embark on one of the most important campaigns in TDP’s history. He is set to kickstart his mega walkathon – Yuvagalam on the 27th of this month in Kuppam.

Today, Lokesh spent some quality time with his family in Hyderabad and there were some heartening scenes here. Lokesh’s in-laws, Balakrishna and Vasundhara are seen blessing him. His wife Brahmani gave him a Harathi.

Lastly, while Lokesh was leaving the house, he is seen sharing an emotional moment with his father Chandrababu Naidu. CBN turned emotional at the same.

All these led to a heartening atmosphere at the residence of Nara family as Lokesh spent some time with the family members before leaving for the substantially elongated Padayatra.

As for Lokesh’s Yatra, it will start off at Kuppam on the 27th of this month and go on for 400 days. Lokesh will cover a whopping 4000 kilometres across Andhra Pradesh through the same.

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