Head Master Who Recovered With Anandaiah Medicine Passed AwayRemember Head Master Kotaiah who claimed to have miraculously recovered from critical COVID condition after taking Anandaiah’s Corona medicine? Kotayya got admitted to Guntur Government Hospital immediately after that and he passed away while the treatment is underway.

Earlier last month, Kotaiah in a viral video is seen saying that his pulse has dropped and he is almost on the verge of death suffering from breathlessness. “My family members brought me Anandaiah medicine drops and administered them in my eyes and I recovered in 10-15 minutes,” Kotayya claimed.

The video has gone viral and people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana even went to the extent of not trusting science believing Anandaiah’s herbal treatment. A day after that, Kotaiah was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a Hospital on May 23, with a CT severity score of above 20 at the time of admission.

He has been put on oxygen support. He also had chemical conjunctivitis at the time of hospitalization rumored because of the eye drops. Meanwhile, the state government is likely to make a decision about Anandaiah’s medicine today. The high court is also hearing a case regarding the same.