Has Pawan Kalyan Really Taken BJP's Side?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is back to action after 10 days of break and cornered the State Government on at least half a dozen issues. He thundered saying that he will not leave until a CBI Inquiry is ordered into the allegations of the missing Pink Diamond of TTD.

He touched the other issues like Amaravati Land Acquisition, Nayi Brahmins Issue, and Nuclear Plants in Kovvada and took potshots on the State Government. But the Janasenani has missed the Kadapa Steel Plant issue which is in the purview of the Central Government.

It is known to our readers that the Central Government has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that the proposed Steel Plants at Kadapa and Bayyaram are not feasible. Already there are allegations that Pawan Kalyan has entered into a secret pact with BJP.

His too much emphasis on the issues of State Government ignoring the Center in the recent times only gave rise to more such allegations and this selective ignorance of the Steel Plant issue reinforces such Notion which will be detrimental for Janasena growth. Its better Pawan Kalyan takes the corrective measures.