Harley Davidson - Hyderabad RainsThis cartoon is so apt for the condition of Harley Davdison on the roads of Hyderabad during the rainy season. We cant agree more with this art. This is what happens to any vehicle on the messy roads of Hyderabad on a rainy day.

The art shows the three men riding on the Harley Davidson being separated as Harley, David, and Son, as they hit a ditch on the road and fall apart along with the two-wheeler dismantled in the disaster. The art conveyed the fact in a hilarious manner, yet a serious message to the administration to look upon the life-threatening roads of the city.

They keep laying the roads and the roads keep damaged due to the low quality. Hyderabad is soaked in water for the last week due to heavy rains and the roads flooded with water leaving the vehicles drowned. No wonder if such accidents happen now.