Telangana irrigation minister Harish RaoTelangana Water Resources Minister Harish Rao opened up in couple of interviews about the ‘Vaarasudu’ debate going on. He came up with an intelligent answer that the debate is irrelevant as KCR is likely to be in Power and CM Chair at least for the next 20 years with the blessings of the people.

So, he says the debate about Vaarasudu is not needed now. This comes at the time when Telangana CM is aggressively promoting his son. Harish Rao who is all in all for the party during the agitation time, had taken a back seat after coming to power, opines many. Harish went on to say there is no Number Game in the party.

He responded on about his men getting ignored while filling up the posts. Harish said there is nothing like that and there is recognition for every one working for the party and Bangaru Telangana. The Telangana Minister went on to say he is missing his family more now than the agitation time.