Harish Rao, Harish Rao Mallanna Sagar Project, Harish Rao Mallanna Sagar Project Land Acquisition, Harish Rao Mallanna Sagar Project Land PoolingMallanna Sagar Project Land Acquisition is the first biggest headache for KCR since he came to power two years ago. Opposition parties are raking up the issue big time as they see this as an opportunist to corner the government and make their presence felt. Irrigation Minister, Harish Rao is the center of the storm.

For some reason, except Harish nobody are really bothered about the issue. No other Minister is effectively defending the issue or Harish in between all the allegations of opposition parties. It is looking life Harish is fighting a lone battle on the issue while no others in the government are bothered to back him.

Harish supporters see that this as a move to corner him and tarnish his image by certain people in the government. There are also reports Harish himself is disappointed with the lack of proper support from his own party. However he is keen on using this chance to prove himself by finishing the land acquisition successfully.