Harish-rao-the-leaderHarish Rao who played a crucial role in TRS growth all these years, finds himself cornered now as Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao seem to be giving more importance to his son, KTR and paving way for his elevation as KCR’s next heir. KTR gained upper hand in every issue after forming the government.

While on the other side, Harish Rao’s coterie is being targetted and belittled in the party. The latest example for this is the Warangal by-election candidate. Harish who is overseeing the by-election prospects was in favour of Erolla Srinivas as TRS candidate. On Harish’s word, Erolla was working in Warangal for several months now.

Suddenly out of no where, the non-local issue was brought in and he was totally sidelined. Every TRS leader in Warangal are of the opinion that Erolla’s candidature was sidelined only because he is in Harish Rao’s group. Erolla who was in the party for several years finds himself deserted and ditched only due to his closeness with Harish.