Hari Rama Jogayya Chegondi Hari Rama Jogayya claims himself as the champion of the Kapu community. Recently, he started an indefinite fast demanding Kapu reservations but called it off immediately.

Jogayya who is 85 years old is still desperate to stay relevant. Every now and then, he keeps giving statements about Janasena and its alliance plans even though he is not related to the party.

Earlier he used to say Janasena and TDP alliance is not happening and now says the alliance will happen only if Pawan Kalyan is made the Chief Minister candidate.

Jogayya was associated with Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam party. There were rumors in Palakollu that he misappropriated the funds given by Chiranjeevi for electioneering. Later he made very bad comments on Chiranjeevi.

Since then, Pawan Kalyan also decided to keep him away.

But the Janasenani was forced to speak to him when he on a fast due to community pressure. Jogayya is using that one phone call to his benefit