TDP Polit bureau member and former Rajya Sabha MP, Nandamuri Hari Krishna met Telangana Chief Minister designate K.Chandra Sekhar Rao a short while ago. He reportedly congratulated KCR on his victory in the elections. Hari Krishna was accompanied by his son, Kalyan Ram. Later on they cleared that it was just a formal meeting to congratulate KCR and nothing to do with politics.

Hari Krishna is the only MP from the state to resign in favour of Samayikya Andhra. He submitted his resignation in the right format and got it approved by the speaker. This meeting between KCR and Hari Krishna gained prominence as a result. Hari Krishna put pressure on Chandra Babu for MLA ticket from Penamaluru or Hindupur but was denied a ticket. Even after Telugu Desam Party coming to power in Seema Andhra, Hari Krishna’s political career is still looking uncertain.