Deadly Hair TransplantNot just women but men are also under constant pressure to look young and presentable. They fear losing their social standing if they don’t look good.

Owing to this pressure, many balding men are going for hair transplants. But since this is a weakly regulated sector, the procedure, if performed by amateurs who are self-trained by watching videos on YouTube, can have fatal results.

Recently, Athar Rasheed, a television executive, lost his life as his hair transplant went deadly wrong. He was the only breadwinner in his family. He just wanted to look handsome and get married.

He opted for a hair transplant at a private clinic in Delhi last year, and after that, he started developing sepsis. The swelling started spreading from his head, and he suffered terrible pain. According to his mother, his kidneys stopped functioning, and all his organs collapsed. She said that he died a very slow and painful death.

After the family lodged a police complaint, four people who performed the surgery were arrested and are waiting for their trial to begin.

When performed by a professional surgeon, a hair transplant is harmless and can be a confidence-boosting and life-changing experience. The surgery costs around three and a half lakhs which is costly for middle-class men.

So many opt for seedy clinics manned by untrained staff who offer to perform the surgery at a fraction of the above-said cost.

The hair transplant involves a lot of local anesthesia. If some unskilled and untrained performed this procedure, who don’t have sufficient knowledge, then it can become an unsafe procedure.