h1b-indians-fear-afraid-donald-trump-win-presidentIn a shocking election result, Donald Trump won the Presidency of one of the biggest democracies of the world. Largely speaking, a Republican President has in generally been good for India. However seeing Trump’s stand on some key issues, this may not be true anymore.

Most important of all concerns is Trump’s stance on ‘America first’ policy under which he plans to renegotiate all foreign trade deals which will in turn affect trade treaties with India, too. Trump is also strongly against the H1B visa programme as deems it to be unfair and has even declared his intention to end the programme. If Trump makes this move, it would be a major setback for IT companies in India and tech giants like TCS and Infosys are likely to be the first victims.

Although Trump is strongly against the H-1B and feels it to be a cheap labor program, he is indeed looking for high-skilled foreign workers and feels that smart foreign students, specifically mentioning Indian students, educated in the US should have a breather with the immigration process. But can we expect it?

Image Source: Twitter