H1B VisaH1B quota is a huge issue of concern for those wanting to land in the US to live their dream lives. Those who get their H1-B applications picked by the random lottery process are eligible to file an H1-B.

The USCIS issued a statement that they have already informed the applicants who hit the jackpot in the lottery for the fiscal year 2024 H1-B cap.

Right now, the cap is at 65,000, and an additional 20,000 for MS students. Though the official news hasn’t come yet, sources suggest that 700 K+ applications were received this year as compared to 480 K last year.

Of this, 6800 visas are set aside for US-Chile and US-Singapore free trade agreements. Unused visas in this group became available for H1-B use for next year’s visa cap.

In fact, the H1-B visa cap for the financial year 2024, which begins on October 1, has been reached, and all successful applicants have been informed about it already or are in the process of being informed.