H1B 2023 News - NO Second Round Lottery, USCIS Official UpdateThe United States Immigration Services agency has received 483,927 registrations for H-1B visa this year. A total of 1,27,000 applications have been selected in the first round to meet the mandated cap of 85,000, in which 20,000 come under advanced degree category.

As things stand, there might be no second round of selections for the year 2023 as the applications for the mandated cap has been reached already.

The USCIS has started sending “not selected” notices to online applicants. Others might still see “submitted” tab but these might soon start showing “not selected” as the USCIS completes its process.

Last year, there were 308,613 applications for the 85,000 cap and there were three rounds of selections. This year, there might not even be a second round as 1,27,000 applications have already been selected out of the total 483,927.