H1 B Visa Stamping Soon In The US ItselfTill now, those with H1 B visas had to travel to their home countries to get stamping. And when they are there, usually, they have to face queries that could delay the process for quite a while. In this scenario, those employed in the US face difficulties as they need to go back and resume work.

Also, many with H1B candidates these days (students after finishing MS) opt to get married in the U.S. as they do not want things to go awry if they land in India and end up facing queries that can keep them in India for a considerable period of time. Many Indians face the twin issues of attending a family function or the death of near ones and dealing with going to Hyderabad or Mumbai or Delhi to get their visa stampings done before returning to the US.

Finally, a presidential commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders has unanimously approved a recommendation for the provision of stamping of H1B visas for highly skilled foreign workers inside the U.S.

Now, the Indian and Asian community is awaiting approval from President Joe Biden which will come as a huge relief for Indian professionals employed in the US and to the families who face separation if their spouse is stuck in India. There are various socio-economic issues that need to be considered as many spouses do not drive and that leads to a plethora of problems when the earning member is stuck in India for visa processing.

In India, the waiting time is 844 days to get a visa appointment. When they are stuck for longer periods, they have the threat of losing their jobs. So, there is direct representation to allow stampings in the US, which will end various problems or provide advanced travel documents to travel out of the country with expired visa stamping, so they can re-enter the US without having to get re-stamping in their home countries.