TDP_YSR_CongressA survey of erstwhile Guntur district has been doing rounds in the political circles. The survey has been titled ‘Praja Naadi’ and has become a Talking Point.

While we can not verify its authenticity, here were present it as it is. According to the survey, TDP is ahead of YSR Congress in ten out of the seventeen constituencies.

YSR Congress is clearly ahead of TDP in five constituencies. In two seats, both the parties are involved in a tug of war.

TDP is ahead in Gurajala, Chilakaluripeta, Vinukonda, Mangalagiri, Pedakurapadu, Ponnuru, Repalle, Thadikonda, Guntur East, and Tenali.

YSR Congress is ahead in Sattenapalli, Narasaraopeta, Macherla, Prathipadu, and Bapatla.

Both the parties are involved in a tight tussle in Vemuru and Guntur West.

In Sattenapalli, TDP will have a chance if it allies with Janasena, the survey says.

In Macherla, YSR Congress is ahead in Macherla but TDP is putting up a good fight after Brahmananda Reddy is appointed as the incharge. The party will have an outside chance if the same spirit is continued, the survey says.