6.4 Cr RingHK Designs and Harikrishna Exports Pvt Ltd (India) have achieved a world record by making a one-of-its-kind ring that has 50,907 diamonds set in one ring. Incidentally, the ring is made entirely out of recycled materials. Right from the recycled gold used, re-purposed diamonds were used to create this glitzy piece.

Well, as the famous James Bond song goes – Diamonds are forever, it is the only ring with so many diamonds and that has got the company a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The ring costs Rs 6.4 crore in Indian currency or $785645. The Guinness World Records official handle has posted a video of the expensive ring on Twitter.

Interestingly, the ring also has a name and it’s called Eutierria, which signifies becoming one with the environment. The design is also natural in the sense that it is a sunflower with a butterfly sitting on it with wings in three hues of gold.

The HK Group chief has shared that ‘dreams do come true’. He added that with faith, action, and perseverance, it becomes a goal in sight. In the past, SWA Diamonds another Indian company held the record by producing a mushroom-shaped ring that had 24,679 diamonds in it.