Gudivada Amarnath KTRAndhra Pradesh IT Minister Gudivada Amarnath is often criticized for doing nothing to the state and confining only to making political criticism and caste-based remarks over Pawan Kalyan.

Amar’s incompetence is exposed further when his Telangana Counterpart, KTR actively pursues and brings investment to that state.

On Saturday yesterday, Amar committed a mistake. He attended the Hyderabad EPrix, India’s first Formula E World Championship held in Hyderabad.

This has come when Hyderabad is talked about by the entire country for hosting a global event and when Amar could show no impact whatsoever on Amaravati or Vishakapatnam.

Furthermore, he met KTR at the event and posted a picture of himself with the dynamic IT minister of Telangana triggering disappointment and abuse on social media.

There is a fanboy-like enthusiasm seen on Amar’s face while taking the picture and while posting it on Twitter. But that matters only when he derives some inspiration for his Telangana counterpart.

Amar himself reminded the people of his incompetence and got the choicest of abuses from them.

“As a minister of Andhra Pradesh, you are only fit to watch other states’ achievements,” a reader said. Another reader asked Amar to learn something from KTR at least after watching from a close distance.