Jagan_Bus_YatraAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy walked for 3600 Kilometers to come to power with a record majority. But after coming to power, Jagan confined himself to the four walls of his Tadepalli residence.

The Chief Minister only comes out for orchestrated Public meetings and that too with complete anti-protest measures like baricadding roads, closing down shops, etc.

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All this time, the Chief Minister only heard and met to people whom he liked. The crowds were managed using Dwacra women, students, and welfare scheme beneficiaries. With elections approaching, the CM now plans a Bus Yatra and Palle Nidra from April.

The idea has struck to the complacent Chief Minister only after Nara Lokesh commenced his Padayatra.

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But then, Party leaders and cadre are not very excited about Jagan’s Bus Yatra and Palle Nidra programs.

“It is tough to face the people doing nothing except for the distribution of freebies. Bad infrastructure and zero development are making people unhappy. Moreover, Jagan will have barricades and green mats ready to prevent people from reaching him. What is the use then?,” they are asking.

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“Most party leaders and cadres are broke due to pending bills. This yatra will only be a huge financial burden. Unless the CM is ready to give complete access to the people like how he used to give during the Padayatra, this is a waste exercise. We will have to take the pain to mobilise people for Drone videos. Even the beneficiaries will not be easily motivated as elections are nearing,” they are lamenting.