Grocery Store Tragedy: Indian Shot Dead in U.S.In what can be called a hate crime of sorts, 33-yr-old Parmvir Singh was shot dead in broad daylight at a grocery store he was working in Georgia. The video footage of the store showed that Parmvir maintained his cool and gave a wad of notes to the person with a gun.

However, after taking the cash, Chris Copeland, 26, of Moore Avenue, Tupelo, turned around and shot Parmvir in the back injuring him fatally. Parmvir was rushed to the nearest hospital where he succumbed to the gunshot.

Obviously, the Indian community in the US is shocked and angered by the incident. Usually, such freak incidents happen at night and in secluded stores where drunk or those on drugs make targets of people at cash counters.

But this incident occurred in broad daylight and the Indian community wants action. Parmvir’s aged parents live in Kapurthala. While his father is back in Punjab, his mother happens to be the sarpanch of Dhapai village in Kapurthala.

It is time the US authorities took note of such crimes as many Indians who are forced by peer and family pressure to come to the US looking for work, lose their lives for no fault of theirs.

A fundraiser has been started to help his family back home and for bringing his body back to India by Japnit Singh, who is a social activist and political candidate from New York.

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