H1B_Visa_IndianIn a great development to the H-1B workers in the USA, the state government is planning a pilot program offering visa renewal options in the US who are currently required to travel abroad for the same.

This will save applicants from having to leave US for visa renewals. This will reduce the workload of consular offices abroad, Julie Stufft, deputy assistant secretary for visa services.

As of now, the pilot program will only be applicable for H and L visa holders. This could eventually be expanded to others.

H-1B visas are particular utilised by those in the tech sector, where employees can allot two three-year periods.

This move is to also manage the workloads of consulate workers. This is not a small implementation by any means. The actual timeline of the whole process hasn’t yet been finalized.

India is the biggest source for H-1B holders and it is known that foreign workers can’t re enter the USA without visa stampings. The above program could decrease the timeline for the whole process once it comes to effect.