The Great Dilemma of Jagan Mohan ReddyRepublic TV which is being funded by a BJP MP and the Channel which is called the Mouthpiece of the saffron party, the other day let out a news that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is in talks with BJP high command for a possible alliance.

This has sent tremors in Andhra Pradesh Politics as this news came at a time when Nandhyal By-election is going on and in that elections, Muslim Votes form the major chunk of the electorate in Nandhyal. But then, YSR Congress is in a Catch 22 Situation now.

Jagan could not condemn the news in high tone because that will irk the Central Government and they will let CBI and ED on him. Not condemning the news will mean that Muslims will turn against to YSR Congress and the immediate suffering will be in Nandhyal.

Nandhyal by-election polling will take place on coming Wednesday and the counting on 28th. Results will be out on the same day. Jagan has camped for 13 days there to campaign for Shilpa Mohan Reddy. A loss here will dent YSR Congress’ preparation for 2019 Elections.