Will-An-alliance-between-TDP-and-BJP-help-JaganYSR Congress including YS Jagan Mohan Reddy always maintained that there are massive irregularities in Amaravati Land Pooling and so never committed to continuing Amaravati. But it looks like the Government is not able to unearth those irregularities.

On October 15th, the State Government suspended an IAS Offficer, Gloria, Competent Authority and Deputy Collector, CRDA on alleged irregularities in Land Pooling in the Capital Area. She allegedly involved in swindling the Original Land Owners to pecuniary gains in Land Pooling.

However, the Government revoked the suspension order on December 2nd (Yesterday) saying that she followed the rules and there is no loss to Government. Sources in the Government says this is not confined only to Gloria but various aspects relating to Land Pooling.

The Government now Hopes to show some irregularities in Land Allotment to various companies to pin down the previous Government. The Government has given enough indications of changing the Capital and will need a strong reason to do that.