Government of India Opens Vaccine Access To More People

In the wake of an impending second wave of Coronavirus, the Central Government once again made a crucial change to the Vaccination schedule. Starting from April 1st, everyone above 45 years of age can get the Vaccine jab.

In the first phase, only the health staff and frontline workers were vaccinated. In the second phase, senior citizens above 60 years of age and people above 45 years of age but with some listed comorbidities were allowed access to the vaccine.

With the cases increasing, the Government has opened up access to more people. The vaccine will cost 250 Rupees per dose at Private health facilities while it can be availed for free at government-run facilities. Until March 22nd, close to 4.85 Crore people were vaccinated.

On the other side, experts have been asking the Government to open the vaccination to everyone above 20 years who are the actual spreaders of the virus due to their high mobility.