YS Jagan Amara Raja BatteriesAmara Raja is one of the oldest investments in Andhra Pradesh. The company located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh is employing at least 22,000 people directly and is also one of the reputed brands in the country. Galla Ramachandra Naidu has established the industry in Chittoor at the request of the then Chief Minister NT Ramarao.

It has grown into a multinational conglomerate company and is currently headed by Galla Jayadev who has been elected second time as Guntur MP in the 2019 election. However, YSR Congress Government is at loggerheads with the company serving a closure notice in the name of pollution.

The company has to go to the high court and get the notice canceled. But then, according to a report in the Andhrajyothy, the government is tormenting the company in the name of raids every two days. The report said the company has canceled all expansion plans in Andhra Pradesh and has decided to invest in Tamil Nadu.

They are already talks with Stalin Government which is ready to lay a red carpet. There are rumors that even the main plant can be shifted as well if the Government harassment continues. If this happens, it will be a massive dent in the image of Andhra Pradesh from investors’ point of view. TDP supporters claim that all this harassment is just because Galla Jayadev belongs to TDP.