Nara_Lokesh_Yuva_Galam_Padayatra_DronesNara Lokesh’s Padayatra is going on in the Gangadhara Nellore constituency of the Chittoor district. He will cross the 200 Kilometers landmark later today. Lokesh’s Padayatra is infusing energy into the cadre and is making him close to the people.

But then, the Ruling Party is trying its level best to belittle the Padayatra.

There are allegations that the Government deployed the intelligence department to use drones in the name of security.

These drones are naturally used to take visuals in case of violations and the visuals can be used in court if needed.

But then, TDP alleges that the visuals taken by these drones are being sent to YSR Congress’s Social media cell and Sakshi.

“The visuals are being taken in the afternoons and from weird angles so that people are seen sparsely. The visuals will be then used in social media and Sakshi to belittle the Padayatra. It is sad that the Government machinery is used for politics,” TDP leaders say.

“On one side, the Government alleges violations and files cases. On another side, we see Sakshi publish an article saying a constable died in the commotion. How did the commotion happen if there are no crowds?” they question.