High CourtAndhra Pradesh Government has this habit of appointing YSR Congress loyalists in namesake Adviser posts and giving them Lakhs of Salary and other perks. The issue now landed in the High Court.

The High Court has once again made critical comments on the appointment of advisers. The High Court today conducted a combined hearing on the separate petitions filed on the appointments of Endowments Advisor Srikanth and Employee Advisor Chandrasekhar.

On behalf of the government, the Advocate General has argued that only competent people are being appointed as advisors. It was brought to the notice of the court that the government takes the opinion of the advisers before taking the final decision.

The AG requested the bench that arguments on merits should be heard before giving the judgment.

After hearing the arguments, the bench questioned if the Government will appoint another advisor for the TA and DA of the employees.

The High Court also said appointing advisors is a serious issue.

If the Government gives any adverse judgment in this case, scores of Advisers will become jobless.