Google to get you a cab very soonSearch Engine Major, Google is all set to partner with major cab booking apps, Uber and Ola to allow users in India to check if a taxi is available in the vicinity from the Google Maps app. Users using Google Maps will have a dedicated tab with information for cab services. Google will also give the provision to compare all your commuting options right away.

Once the user selects a service, they will be automatically directed to the Uber or Ola app to request the ride with one tap. This feature is available in Google Maps App for Android and will very soon come to iOs as well. This option is now exclusively available to Indian Users of Google.

The Search Engine Major is continuously brushing its services to make them as useful to people as much as possible. The Tech giant, may also monetize the services going further with the upcoming cab services. But giving more options to users will ensure competition between the cab operators to come up with cheap prices for users.