Sundar-Pichai-salaryGoogle has always been known for appreciating its human resources and paying them hefty salaries and remunerations. Even knowing this, the remuneration package of Google’s current CEO appears to be a whole new ball game.

When Google’s current CEO Sundar Pichai’s pay was filed this week, it brought to notice that the Indian origin tech leader has landed a total package of $100.5m for a successful 2015. This includes a salary of $652,000 along with restricted stock worth $99.8m that he was awarded in February. This restricted stock was a part of the biannual reward scheme for the company’s top brass.

And this is not the end of it! If reports are true, this number is expected to double in 2016 to $200 million which in Indian terms comes out to approximately Rs.1328 crores and is likely to make Pichai the highest paid Indian executive in the world.