Google_CEO_Sundar_Pichai_Fires_400_IndiansThe layoffs saga in the domestic and also the global IT market is telling a sorry story. Now, it’s the turn of Google’s employees in India to face the axe.

Google’s Indian-origin CEO Sundar Pichai has reportedly fired over 400 employees through an overnight email.

This is a part of Google’s global layoffs where over 12,000 people are getting the pink slip and are having to leave the company.

Those who’ve been fired took it to LinkedIn to share their sorry stories and are distraught by the fact that they lost their jobs overnight through an email.

In the email, Pichai wrote he assumes full responsibility for the position the company is in today and apologised to the employees for having to let them go.

Incidentally, Twitter had already largely cut down operations in India. There are reports the company is operating with only 2-3 people in India with 2 of the 3 offices shut.

Other corporate giants, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, and Microsoft have also announced big layoffs.