YS-Vivekananda-Reddy-Case-SharmilaIt is known to our readers that the Supreme Court has agreed to transfer Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case out of Andhra Pradesh.

After the election, Viveka’s daughter named YSRCP leaders as the suspects and made direct allegations that Jagan Government is trying to save them.

She approached the Supreme Court saying that she do not trust the government. The Apex Court also agreed with her. Now Sharmila also made comments against her brother.

“It is good that the Supreme Court has transferred the Vivekananda Reddy murder case investigation to another state. The murder is a tragedy in my family. Justice should be served to Sunitha Reddy, daughter of Viveka,” Sharmila said.

She once again referred to the political conspiracy angle in this case.

“Whoever killed our Babai should be brought before justice. They should be punished. No one should be allowed to hinder the investigation. The CBI investigation will clarify whether there are any political reasons for Viveka’s murder case,” she said.

Sharmila expressed many doubts and indirectly hinted about the involvement of the YSR Congress and how the Jagan Government is trying to create problems for the investigation.