Good That TDP Is Not Hiding Failures!Telugu Desam Party‘s All-members meeting happened in Mangalagiri on Saturday. After Baadhude Baadhudu, the party announced another program ‘Idhem Karma – Rashtraniki’ for the next 45 days to reach out to every household in the state and expose the government’s failures.

Political Strategist Robin Sharma has come out in public and addressed the party for the first time. His team explained how the party is doing and the steps to be taken.

There was a progress report about the Baadhude Baadhudu. More than 90% of the constituencies were placed in C&D categories which means the program is not conducted or conducted nominally in most constituencies.

Less than 10 constituencies were in the B category and not even one constituency is in the A category. That means even the constituencies of Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh have not performed well.

YSR Congress’s social media wings are making the video of this progress report viral and are mocking Telugu Desam Party.

However, this is a welcome change for the party. It is good to admit and make amends for the mistakes than ignore them saying that everything is good.

It will show the mirror to the party in charges as well as the leadership.

Probably this will ensure the party leaders take ‘Idhem Karma – Rashtraniki’ take more seriously.

For YSRCP to rejoice, the ranking reflects the failure of leaders to conduct the program and does not reflect anything on the mood of the public.