Chandrababu NaiduNara Lokesh has started his Yuva Galam Padayatra. The walkathon which started today will go on for 400 days covering 4000 Kilometers and will be the longest Padayatra in Telugu history.

A massive crowd descended the streets of Kuppam to see the young leader take the first step. There are people of all sections and all ages who come to watch the new leader in the making.

TDP MLAs, MPs, other public representatives, and Senior leaders from all parts of the state came to Kuppam. Lokesh’s father-in-law, MLA Balakrishna accompanied Lokesh to Varada Raja Swamy temple and other religious institutions before the historic Padayatra.

Balakrishna is seen ensuring Lokesh does all the rituals before the Padayatra.

Interestingly, Chandrababu is not present at the Padayatra on Day 1.

This seems to be a good strategy to give Lokesh that space to fight and emerge as a leader.

During 2014-19, Lokesh was mostly doing his work under the shadow of Chandrababu Naidu.

But after the 2019 defeat, he is emerging as a leader.

Naidu looked very emotional of his only son when he left his home in Hyderabad. But he did not try to be protective by coming to the Padayatra. Naidu trusting Lokesh and giving that free hand is definitely a positive.