golf course in capital amaravathiThe Golf course earmarked in the Master Plan of Andhra Pradesh’s upcoming capital, Amaravati is exciting the sport fraternity. Experts say construction of a 18 hole course in International standards need 100 acres.

The course will have par 3 (four holes), par 4 (10 holes) and par 5 (four holes) distances and its maintenance would need around 100 professionals. The golf course if it was to attract biggies would have a club house with provision for catering, change rooms and store rooms for paraphernalia associated with the sport.

It does not end there. The most important task would be maintaining the greenery and keeping the environs clean. The fairways (the distance from the tee-off point to the hole) should be in condition and the trees have to be nurtured. Further there should be also a provision for floodlights