Gofundme_DivorceFund-sourcing and crowd-sourcing are the way to go for many people seeking medical aid, education aid, travel aid, and just about everything. In fact, the situation has come to the point that some people are not shying away from fund-sourcing for their divorce.

Well, the argument is that divorce means pain, which means it impacts one emotionally. So the latest reason for fund-sourcing happens to be divorce. On a normal day, on a fundraiser website, people seek to raise funds for medical conditions.

But one lady who is fighting her divorce battle and has two kids born out of IVF is seeking funds from the popular website as she feels her pain is reason enough for people to part with their hard-earned money.

It is known that divorce is a costly affair in the US and the lady seems to have hit upon the idea of helping herself. But what’s more interesting is that people have started giving monies on the website for her cause. Interestingly she pooled over $5K so-far.

Desis are finding this amusing but relatable AF!

Surely a new trend of sorts!