MLA-Namburu-Sankara-RaoYCP MLAs are terrorized by Jagan’s Gadapa Gadapaku program. They are fearing public backlash regarding lackluster governance and are not ready to go from door to door as a part of the program. Every now and again, there’s a new development, where a YSRCP MLA is questioned by the public during the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

Incidentally, YCP MLA Namburu Sankara Rao had to face a bitter situation at Amaravati Muslim colony in Pedakurapadu constituency while on Gadapa Gadapaku program.

Before the MLA’s program, many houses in the area had “Go back MLA” banners and printouts outside the houses. The MLA’s man got into action and removed these Go Back banners. Also, strong security was provided to the MLA with tens of police officials, fearing public backlash.

“You didn’t build us the ShadiKana that you promised to do before the election. You didn’t lay us new roads or highways. Then why are you coming to our area?” the locals questioned.

The MLA then completed the Gadapa Gadapaku in a formal manner without getting much in touch with the public.