GN-Rao-Tries-To-Damage-Control-After-Report-LeakAfter a part of GN Rao’s Committee which was withheld by the State Government got leaked in the media, hell broke loose after the media and the Opposition started hitting the Government. Minister Botsa Satyanarayana tried to pacify the issue saying that the Cyclone Prone area is not an issue since Chennai also has the same problem.

With the controversy blew up further, GN Rao himself was brought from Hyderabad and called for a Press Meet to explain his report. “We just mentioned the negative aspects due to weather but the problem can simply be solved by constructing all the Government buildings 50 kilometers away from the coast,” GN Rao said.

“We recommended Vishakapatnam to be the best place for the Administrative Capital. Media is misleading the people by quoting a section of the report out of context,” he added. The former IAS officer was asked why that particular section of the report which has negatives of Vishakapatnam was not made public.

“We gave our report to the Government and we are not concerned about what is released and what is not. Our team consists of experts who had around 40 years of experience in related areas. We have given the report with no bias and we are under no pressure. We feel three capitals are must for the decentralization of development,” he said with a bit of impatience. TDP says that the Government just pushed GN Rao forward to do the damage control.