GN Rao Committee Not In Favor of Vishakapatnam As Capital?GN Rao Committee appointed by the Government has given its report supporting the Government’s idea of having three capitals, the Government said. But a few media channels today disclosed a part of the report which the Government intentionally did not make public.

The Media reports said GN Rao Committee brought to the notice of the Government that Vishakapatnam is prone to heavy cyclones, salination of groundwaters, crude oil leaks in Port area, Pollution Problems due to steel plant and ports, and others.

The committee also opined that Vishakapatnam will also have safety concerns as a city is a key place for Navy and several submarines are stationed along the coast. The committee also said there will be a huge shortage of Government lands in the city. So said Vishakapatnam may not be suitable for large-scale Government operations.

Amaravati farmers and the parties opposing the Capital Shift say that the intentional hiding of this part of report indicates that the Government is keen on shifting the capital out of Amaravati and has some malicious intent to steal lands in Vishakapatnam.