Give Back Diverted COVID Funds In 2 Weeks: SCSupreme Court has become serious about Andhra Pradesh Government for diverting funds meant for COVID-19 management.

The funds were diverted to PD accounts and from there, to other government schemes.

After a detailed hearing, the Supreme Court ordered that all the diverted funds worth 1,100 Crore should be deposited back to the State Disaster Response Fund (SRDF).

The court has given two weeks’ time for the government to transfer the funds.

The court also ordered the government that if anyone applies for COVID compensation, their case should be resolved in four weeks.

It has become a norm in the Andhra Pradesh government to divert funds in the name of freebies violating all the rules.

But diverting funds meant for compensation to the families who lost their dear ones due to COVID-19 is too much.