girls protest in EFLU universityA Girls group of the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) tried to barge in the Basheer Boys Hostel demanding that they should be allowed in to the boys hostel. The University had banned the entry of girls in to boys hostel following rape of a girl in the boys hostel recently. However a group of girls paraded in the University saying that such restrictions will infringe their freedom and privacy.

These girls demand that all boys should not be painted with same brush while severely punishing rapists. They say allowing girls to boys hostels will improve coherence between students from different cultures, social and economic backgrounds live. “We have fought for years to come out of our houses. Such restrictions will only further jeopardize our freedom”, shouted the girls who participated in this ‘Occupy Basheer Hostel (Boys Hostel)’.

Interestingly there is one more group in the same university which is collecting signatures supporting the ban.