BalineniSrinivasaReddy-MLA-AnnaRambabuGiddalur constituency politics has reached Hyderabad. MLA Anna Rambabu started the program ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam’ in JBK Puram of Bayestavarapeta Mandal and then it was stopped midway.

The party leaders have been instructed to intervene and talk to him.

It seems that the MLA who recently met former minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy said that some people are campaigning that he is against a community and also brought the internal differences in the party to his attention.

MPTCs, ZPTC members, and many key leaders of the party went to Hyderabad on Tuesday after receiving information from Balineni to meet him.

After the meeting, they agreed to cooperate with the MLA in Gadapa Gadapaku program. At night, Balineni met the leaders separately along with the MLA.

It is reported that the MLA’s supporters and opponents have made accusations against each other.

A few leaders told Balineni how the MLA is not listening to them and asking to meet Collector if they have anything.

There are rumors in the party that Balineni made a temporary truce between the factions and this will not solve the issue once and for all.