GHMC to Decide Telangana Elections Telangana will go for elections on December 7th and the results will be out on 11th of the same month. Today is the last day of nominations. When KCR dissolved the Assembly in September, it looked like almost a Cakewalk for TRS to come back to power. But then, the formation of mahakutami has changed the equations.

Political Experts say that Mahakutami has become a considerable opponent for KCR now. And now, both the sides are likely to put up a close fight in the interior Telangana and the big question is who will win the hearts of the voters in the GHMC area. The political experts believe that the voters in GHMC area will decide the fate of this elections.

Precisely that will also mean the urban voters and the settlers who form the majority in GHMC area will decide the election. TRS has improved by leaps and bounds in the Urban Areas post 2014 elections. This was evident from the one sided result in GHMC elections but then local body elections are often different from the Assembly Elections.

TDP and Congress together managed a very good number of seats in the GHMC area in the last elections if the voters who have voted them in GHMC elections come back to them, Mahakutami can pin hopes of having the last laugh on December 11th. The mood of the GHMC is usually very difficult to gauge before an election due to the diversity in the people there because of the cosmopolitan culture of Hyderabad.