GHMC voters list missingGHMC officials are going door to door to renominate the removed voters of Hyderabad. 5.50 Lakh voters who are removed from the electoral rolls will get back their votes and GHMC officials are directly going to every house and getting the signatures for re-enrolling removed votes.

Officials are facing severe struggles as voters are showering questions over why their votes are removed. Also in many cases the officials have to go 2-3 times in case the voters are out of their houses.

In the prunning of voters list three months ago, GHMC officials have removed 6.30 Lakh votes from the electoral rolls. Out of that, 5.14 Lakh voters are said to be not living in their old addresses. According to an estimate, 5.50 Lakh removed votes will be re-enrolled out of the total 6.3 Lakh removed votes.