Getting Kapu Community's Support Can Be So Easy? Bharatiya Janatha Party seems to be very serious about Andhra Pradesh for the coming elections. Amit Shah, BJP’s Master Political Strategist is known for relying on social engineering for success in any election and this time, he is looking at the support of Kapu community to have AP.

Kapu community forms around 20% of the total electorate in Andhra Pradesh. BJP’s newly appointed President and the party’s ally, Pawan Kalyan belongs to the same caste. Veerraju the other day met Megastar Chiranjeevi in his residence indicating that the party is banking on Kapu support.

While the intention is very clear, traditionally Kapu Community is known for voting with the wind. Be it during Praja Rajyam Days or the recent election of Janasena, the community did not vote en mass on community card. They sailed with Congress during Praja Rajyam days and with YSR Congress in 2019.

It has to be seen if they will do it know for BJP and Janasena combine. The big question is if it is easy to trap the Kapu Community with film celebrities without a proper political agenda or ground as in the case of BJP and Janasena combine. They will have to prove the history wrong for that to happen.