kcr-no-1-best-cm-survey-truth-facts-ranking-ratingA Survey the other day went on to claim that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has got 81% of approval ratings in the state which is the highest for any other Chief Minister in the country. The survey even claimed that TRS will win all the MP seats in the state if elections are to be held today.

But then who are keen to look in and out of this survey are raising questions about the authenticity. While no one can really ratify the authenticity of a survey until the elections are held, they ask why TRS is fearing to face the by-elections if there is so much of public mandate in favor of the party.

At least, two dozens of other party MLAs are in TRS and the party is conveniently avoiding by-elections in the name of disqualification petitions pending with the Speaker and merger of the party’s legislations etc. It is clear that TRS government is using all the loopholes in the law to avoid by-elections. Opposition parties question why the Chief Minister is afraid of by-elections if things are so favorable for him.