Gas subsidy cut for Higher income group!If sources in the central Government are to be believed, the Government is planning to cut down Gas subsidy for higher income group in the country. Already, there are restrictions on gas usage on subsidy with the introduction of Aadhar card and putting a cap on number of subsidy cylinders to nine per year. And committee comprising of senior officials reportedly submitted a report to the Government to cut down subsidy of Gas to the people who are earning 10 Lakhs – 12 Lakhs per annum.

Since the move will not affect the poor and middle class, Government is planning to introduce this rule just before the elections as this will not affect their poll prospect. On the other side, there are certain apprehensions regarding this within the government itself. They are advising the Government to delay the decision till the next elections. They are also asking the Government to delay things by forming another committee to review the suggestions made by this committee. A decision regarding this will be out in the next few days.