'Gas' bomb on common man!Central Government had once again dropped the ‘Gas’ bomb on common man. For domestic users. People who are yet to be enrolled in Aadhar and link to their gas connection to Aadhar had to pay 1327.50 Rupees which is 215 Rupees more than the last month. People who are linked to Aadhar will have to pay 10 Rupees more than the last month for a cylinder. They will be getting 843.50 as subsidy in their bank accounts.

On the other side, the commercial gas users are having a dreadful time too. The government had increased the price of 19.5 Kg cylinder by 386.50 Rupees which means a cylinder which costed 1882 Rupees in the last month will now cost 2268.50 Rupees. This increase will come as a death blow to small hotel owners who may also resort to illegal ways of procuring and using domestic gas cylinders for domestic use.