Ganta Srinivasa Rao Resigns TDPVishakapatnam North MLA from TDP, Ganta Srinivasa Rao has resigned in protest against the privatization of Vishaka Steel Plant. Ganta already announced that he will not be contesting in the seat in the coming by-election. There are speculations that Ganta may be leaving TDP but his moves are confusing to say the least.

Ganta is criticizing BJP on the Privatization issue and so he may not join the Saffron Party. It is not possible to join YSR Congress because Minister Avanti Srinivas is resisting his joining and Sakshi is also attacking Ganta big time which indicates he may not be welcome there also.

TDP is at the forefront of the agitation against Steel Plant Privatization and Ganta is moving close with the party leaders. This morning he conducted a review meeting with the leaders of his constituency and urged them to work hard for TDP’s victory in the coming GVMC elections.

Ganta‘s Resignation is also a unilateral decision without consulting the party high command. The moves of this senior politician are confusing to say the least for now. At this point, we do not understand how the resignation will help him in any way.