Ganta Srinivasa Rao Resigns TDPFormer Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao has become the first MLA to tender his resignation for his MLA post in protest to the privatization of the Vishaka Steel Plant. He wrote the resignation letter himself to the Speaker. He called for all the public representatives to join hands and fight against the injustice to Vishakapatnam.

It is not clear if Ganta has taken this decision independently or in consultation with the party. If it is in accordance with the party’s direction, it is an indication that TDP will be cornering BJP and YSR Congress on this issue.

Ganta is not active in TDP party affairs after the electoral defeat. There were rumors that he would quit the party but that did not happen. TDP has won all the four MLAs in Vishakapatnam city and missed Vishakapatnam Parliament by a paltry difference of votes.

The party, however, looked like is on the back foot on the three capitals issue. This may be a perfect issue for TDP to make a comeback in Uttarandhra.